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Asthma: Diagnosing, Treating and Managing this Condition - Mayo Clinic

When asthma sufferers breathe easier, asthma doesn t seem like so much of a problem. And really, what s so wrong with having a nice, clean home environment? Keeping it clean also means eliminating smoke in the home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should absolutely not be smoked, but taken outside so as not to aggravate asthma symptoms. THE GREEN ZONE: This is the ideal place to be. No symptoms, you are able to stretch yourself to the limits of your abilities, participate in normal, everyday activities, and even exert yourself to perform at your peak physical limits for decent periods of time. School or work isn t, at this point, posing a problem and your sleep is uninterrupted through the night. Though asthma is a chronic and usually lifelong affliction, living with asthma doesn t have to mean living in pain. The symptoms of asthma, including wheezing, coughing, a choking feeling, and the inability to breathe, can be managed and treated with the proper asthma medication. Under a doctor s care, many asthma sufferers find that they can manage their asthma without a lot of trouble or complications. Smoke and smoking can bring on an asthma attack and even the elderly can still benefit from giving up smoking. Relatives should try not to smoke any where near an elderly relative. Medical Help Many elderly do not like to bother their G.P with what they think is minor problems, telling themselves it s just a cold or touch of flu etc, They do not tell them that their asthma is getting worse or that the wheezing will not stop. When you or someone close to you is diagnosed with asthma, it can be a very confusing and scary time. What happens next? Now that asthma has come into your life, do you know how to deal with it? Learn more about living with asthma, and learn that life doesn t have to change. Living with asthma absolutely does not mean living with breathing difficulties all the time, every single day. There are many products available today that control the craving for cigarettes, and your doctor can even prescribe aids that will help you kick any existing smoking habit. The problem for many people who have asthma is often not first-person smoking, but the second-hand smoke to which they are exposed. 

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