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Confirming the Diagnosis of Asthma

You ll have to do what you can to avoid smoke, even eliminating smoke in the home so that asthma isn t aggravated or breathing troubles made worse. Avoid smoke as much as possible, and don t allow others to smoke near you when you re living with asthma. Learning how to breathe with asthma isn t as hard as it may seem at first. This will all help the asthma sufferer breath more easily and give them good quality air therefore preventing frequent attacks and trips to either the doctors or hospital. Although treatment for the elderly is the same for everyone it may well need to be increased because of the fact that the elderly are more susceptive to colds and flu. If someone in the home has asthma, make the environment as clean and breathing-friendly as possible. Eliminating smoke is one very important step in making living with asthma no big deal at all. Being smoke-free actually helps everyone breathe a little easier in the home, not just people who live with asthma. Many teenagers take less than half of their prescribed medication for fear of looking the odd one out of their friends and indeed deliberately leave their medication at home. If left to his or her own devices the asthma can get worse and in turn lead to permanent lung damage or even worse a life threatening attack. Changes in emotions can also trigger asthma off. Learn what triggers your asthma off and do all you can to avoid the situations. How is Asthma treated You remove as many of the triggers from your home as possible, take any medication that your GP has prescribed as and in the way you ve been told. Different sufferers have different medication but generally you have a preventive inhaler that works long term, and an emergency inhaler that opens the airways in an attack this is called the quick relief. Take the smoke outside, as cigarettes can very directly affect asthma and make breathing a true struggle. Asthma sufferers should do what they can to avoid smoky situations at work, as well, and always step outside for fresh air if trapped in an enclosed space with a cigarette smoker. New laws banning cigarettes in public locations are being passed all the time, and this makes living with asthma a lot easier. 

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