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Home run is what every batter is aiming at when playing baseball. This occurs when the batting team players are allowed to run to the bases without any obstruction. Through hitting a home run, any batter could score up to four runs for the team. The pitching team should always aim to prevent the batting team to stage or complete a home run. You have to learn the skills and make sure that you won t forget these by making sure that you won t miss out on your practice. Why do you have to learn the drills? This is very essential to be sure that you will have mastery of all elements of the game and you will be in top form every time you go out in the field. For excitement and action - Baseball is a game full of excitement and action. Playing baseball let kids take part in an exciting, fun and action-filled sport that many of their peers are interested too. Younger kids love baseball because they enjoy running around. While, older kids especially high school teens love the sports because they enjoy exploring their physical abilities. You need not be conformist. If you try to understand the game, you would certainly be hooked to it naturally. There are many practical and logical reasons why you should learn the sport. Do not think that doing so is a must to be able to please your friends, colleagues, and relatives. If you give baseball a chance, you would certainly realize that it could naturally grow inside you. The act of throwing is not a simple baseball skill. It requires the whole body to work together to accurately send the ball at specific target. The proper position of throwing should be front shoulder facing the target, lower body lined up in the same direction, back foot perpendicular to the target, and hips closed. Bunting Primarily, bunting is used for advancing a runner or getting the batter on base. However, most youngsters who are introduced to this concept think more on getting on base more than anything else. This frame of mind, however, totally reverses the intent of the sacrifice. To sacrifice, the batter will squarely face the pitcher. 

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