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It is very difficult to maintain your heating system because of too much high electricity bills. For some family it is not easy to pay bills due to non-availability of funds. For poor and needy families, the low income home energy assistance program is designed. In short it is called LIHEAP. This program helps those people who are not able to pay electric bill especially in winter. Besides erecting solar panels on houses, solar cells are now used for many appliances and devices. This inexpensive and trouble-free way of storing and using energy is now becoming the upcoming trend in the energy sector. On large dams, water is used to spin turbines that produce electricity. This perfectly environment friendly electricity production method can be used to empower houses. They are consuming great amount of electricity and adds significantly to your electricity bill every month. This system of consuming electricity when the appliances are turned off is called 'phantom loads'. Phantom load consumes loads of electricity. This can be stooped through energy saving devices, so that you can save your electricity cost. They want the ways to lower electricity bills with optimum utilization of energy. There are two ways to get out of curse. One is the minimum use of electricity equipments. Controlled use of these devices will result in lowering electricity bill. Other way is the use of home energy saving devices. By replacing and adding home energy saving devices will not only help you the efficient and effective energy use but also cut down cost of electricity usage considerably. These auditors check the walls, ceilings, doors and every other prospect that can contribute to energy conservation. But if you want to save cost, you can perform an energy audit yourself. You first have to familiarize yourself with the procedure of energy assessment. Make sure to make a list of spots and ways you discover to improve energy usage. If you want to run your garden lights or other home lights with the help of solar energy then there are very less wiring which can easily powered your items. There are special types of solar energy bulb available in market. They bulbs have special darkness sensors in it which sense the darkness and turn on automatically. 

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