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Brewing a beer with ONLY grocery store ingredients (PART 1)

While it's true that overdrinking can have grave consequences to your health, it's been scientifically proven that alcohol in moderation can improve it. Why? It's because of the high flavinoid content contained in dark beers. It's also been proven that a 12 oz of beer has lesser calories than 12 ounces of juice, milk or soda. The process is much simpler than what you think, and this is the main reason why home brewers are on the rise in the United States and in many countries. Several equipment for use in home brewing are on the rise, and there is a growing of materials available online ready to be downloaded. Now, it's easier to concoct your own brew. As you progress through this craft, you can start brewing larger amounts of liquid. A ceramic on steel brew kettle is also a good alternative so long as it's in perfect condition. Otherwise, stick with stainless pots. For those considering to use aluminum kettles, be warned that this type isn t always used by expert brewers. Basically, these are the common and required equipments you need to start home brewing. They are practically available in all stores supplying home brew ingredients. In cases of absence you are recommended to improvise so long as the first principle is observed. That is to see to it that before anything else, sanitized the equipments. The Brewing Story There is no exact record as to when is the genesis of domestic brewing but theoretically, it is believed to have been the common practice in the ancient era in Mesopotamia, Egypt and china. Originally, the practice of such is more ritualistic in purpose and priests are the one responsible for the making of it. If you are planning to brew your first batch of 5 gallons of beer, then you need to get at least 60 bottles of 12 ounce returnable grade bottles. Beer bottle caps. Caps serve as the cover for the returnable grade bottles. In buying these bottle caps, the rule to follow is simple. The caps should be more than the number of bottles. 

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