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Magnet therapy interview

The therapy uses magnetic fields from the magnets to relieve body pains, muscle spasms, stiffness and even inflammation. The therapy is quite effective and a lot of people, millions in fact, will attest to how the treatment helped them cope with their pain. And more and more medical professionals are jumping on board and recommending the therapy as a complementary form of treatment. There are different studies showing that stress could weaken your immune system, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart diseases and even in some cases, cancer. Alternative methods like magnet therapy are among the popular choices for reducing stress. Aside from little or no side effects, there are different studies showing that natural healing actually reap results. An ordinary refrigerator magnet would have about 10 gauss, so you would no be able to use that since it lacks power. Just attach the magnet on the area where the pain is felt. When desired results are not met, then adjust the position of the magnet. Some would question the lack of scientific evidences supporting magnet therapy s claims, but there is no denying the amount of interest it generates from the public. An inflammation or a tight muscle or pain is considered a congestion of energy. The south pole point of the magnet can withdraw that energy out. On the other hand, an overly relaxed muscle needs more energy, thus needing the use of the north-pointing end of the magnet. Drooping shoulders In cases of drooping shoulders (one side is dropped and the other is raised), magnets can do the right corrections. From the evidence, researchers suggest roughly 80% of chronic pain sufferers could benefit from magnet therapy. Pain relief With magnets held against the skin, the capillary walls become relax which boost the blood flow to the painful area. The magnets also help in preventing muscle spasms that cause many forms of pain by interfering muscle contractions. By applying magnets on the surface of the affected area, the magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls of the body s cells resulting to increase blood flow to that part of the body and at the same time prevents the flow of liquids outside the cells which help control the pain. Some also claims that the same magnetic field disrupts muscle contractions preventing muscle spasms to occur. 

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