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JointFit Magnetic Therapy Self-heating Waist Belt, Relieve Pain And Stress

However, people are also becoming more conscious with their health that more people are trying to look for drug-free or alternative methods to address health issues. one of the alternative programs for losing pounds is the magnetic therapy for weight loss or sometimes called magnetic weight loss. Magnets have been used, every since the civilization of China, India, Egypt and Greece, to heal different kinds of diseases. There are some magnetic products that would often warn their customers of their use and ask them to consult their doctors, especially those with pacemakers, working with high-voltage equipment and allergic to metals. If there are people who intently believed and experienced magnetic treatment, then there would also be people who remains to be skeptical of the treatment. Power After thousands of years, magnets have been found to have the power to influence or cause movement (attracting and repelling) in other objects. By placing magnets at strategic points, the magnetic force causes the molecules to align according to the magnetic field of the magnets. Order This is the alignment used to help the body recover quicker and be on its own. Magnet Therapy And Science There had been several double-blind, placebo-controlled trials conducted over the years to dispel the lingering doubts on the effectiveness of magnet therapy. In 2007, there had been a review of all the studies done in relation to magnets as treatment for pain. The review concluded that based on those studies, there was no meaningful evidence that magnet therapy was effective. But some would suggest that you eat or drink hot foods and hot liquids before your treatment. The hot food and liquid will keep the body warm during the magnetic treatment. If you do need to take meals, do the therapy at least after two hours of eating a full meal. Very strong magnets should not be used in sensitive areas. Brief Review On Magnet Therapy For thousands of years, magnet therapy (also known as magnetic therapy) had been known to be a safe, simple, effective and economical form of alternative therapy. From a scientific point of view, magnets had been proven to help the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. 

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