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Houston Methodist: Magnetic Therapy

Despite having no definite scientific proof to back up claims of magnetic therapists that magnets can induce healing, more and more people are beginning to believe and use magnets as a complementary form of treatment. The magnets can stop the pain signals from reaching your nervous system, they can help increase or normalize the blood flow allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed the cells resulting to faster healing and reinstates the overall balance of the body s cells. Being overweight and obese could cause serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. People are starting to become more aware of this. In fact, America has spent $46.3 billion in 2004 for weight loss products. Diet books, exercise videos, weight loss camps for children, adult facilities, weight loss surgeries, nutritionist diet plans, hospital-clinic diet plants, diet pills, health clubs are low-calorie dinners are among weight-reduction products and items that American spend their money on. Magnet polarity One of the most obvious characteristics of a magnet is its polarity, the south (positive) and the north (negative) poles. The Chinese also associate the poles with their traditional yin and yang, where the north pole is the yin and the south pole is the yang. Accordingly, the north pole (negative yin) is traditionally attributed as cooling and sedating and is associated to heal low back pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, and sharp pains. With the spiraling cost of traditional health care and the continual aging of the general population, magnetic therapy had been included by many as among the options in relation to health. For reasons of effectiveness and economy as well as simplicity, magnet therapy might be well on its way of becoming an important part of alternative therapy in the future. (You can possibly apply the opposite pole for sometime.) Never use strong magnets on the eyes, the brain or heart. Attach or remove strong magnets slowly. Strong magnets For sufferers of brain tumors, it is beneficial to sleep with the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet close to the top of the head, especially when they are elderly or with deteriorating brain functions. In fact, there are about 57 studies/researches in the United States focusing on magnetic treatment. An example would be the study conducted in University of Exeter and Plymouth in 2004 about the use of magnetic bracelets in easing pains of those suffering from osteoarthritis. Now, magnet therapy is performed in different countries. 

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