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Pranayam & Magnet Therapy Part 2.wmv

The therapy is quite effective and a lot of people, millions in fact, will attest to how the treatment helped them cope with their pain. And more and more medical professionals are jumping on board and recommending the therapy as a complementary form of treatment. There are different kinds of magnets used in this kind of therapy. ) Apply the north-pointing pole over the pit of the stomach to strengthen digestion. For pain, use the south-pointing pole. Weak hearts and blood pressures Carry a small magnet on the left pocket with the north-pointing pole near the breastbone. (If there is pain, use the south-pointing pole.) Check your pulse to see which pole is suited. The overall strength (and effectiveness) of a magnet is determined by its gauss rating, its thickness, diameter and spacing. Past and present therapy Various old cultures have been known to have used magnets for pain relief and other symptoms. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Chinese have been known to have used magnets for treatments of various illnesses. These days, there is already a heightened awareness of magnets and its power to eliminate discomfort and pain, as well as speeding up the healing process of wounds. Consumer testimonials also helped disseminate the information. How it works It is believed that magnets have magnetic fields that attracts and repel charged particles in the blood. Magnet Therapy In ancient civilizations like those of found in China, Egypt, India and Greece, magnets are already used to heal different forms of illnesses. When thinking about magnet therapy, magnets used are different from those we have on our refrigerator doors. Household magnets, like those in fridge, only have 10 gauss (used in measuring magnet power). This arrangement maximizes the electromagnetic field generated by each magnet. Just as the quantity of magnets matters, the strength is very important as well. And finally, for added comfort it would be best to have a piece of cloth or fabric that is wrapped a round the area where you will be placing the magnet onto. 

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