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WIKIPEDIA: Magnet Therapy

Ideally a magnet used in therapy produces a field in the range of 200 to 2,000 gauss. Be aware, however, that magnets can sometimes have varying gauss measurements. The magnet surface strength might be different from its core so read the labels of your magnet carefully. Also, selecting a large and thick magnet with a stronger magnetic field can help reach specific areas better allowing treatment to work faster and more effectively. Small static magnets are placed in different points or locations of the body. The magnetic field generating from the magnetic could help in healing or speeding up the process. Magnets are said to improve blood circulation, hasten bone repair, and reduce inflammation. They could be used in treating muscle and joint pain. (The north-pointing end is the North Pole and the opposite should be the South Pole.) Characteristics of magnets Flat ceramic or neodymium magnets are the best therapeutic magnets. (U-shaped magnets are not very good for therapy. (Short, cylindrical or bar magnets can be used.) The north-pointing pole has strengthening, stimulating qualities and overall, it gives energy. In later applications, use both poles alternately. Near the end of the process, use the north-pointing pole. Use the north-pointing end of the magnet applied above the fractures of broken bones towards the torso. A south-pointing pole may be applied opposite the north pole and below the fracture. Headaches and stomach pains For headaches, use the south-pointing pole on the center of the pain. Basically what the magnet does is realign or correct the electromagnetic impulses of the body which had been put into disarray the moment the body gets sick. As the theory of magnotherapy goes, each individual cell of the body generates this electromagnetic field. By applying magnets on the surface of the affected area, the magnetic field relaxes the capillary walls of the body s cells resulting to increase blood flow to that part of the body and at the same time prevents the flow of liquids outside the cells which help control the pain. At the end of the 20th century, smaller and stronger magnetic materials became available. This led to the development of modern-day magnetic therapy products. How it works First, the body produces small electromagnetic fields by the movement of charged particles called ions. Resulting from the movement of these ions, our physical and mental processes are controlled, and the electromagnetic balance of our bodies is maintained. 

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