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Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Although, there are medical professionals and institutions who are still sceptical of the effects and benefits of magnets on arthritis, the number of people who are interested in trying out the alternative method are increasing. There are different forms of magnetic healing products to suit the different parts of the body which suffer from arthritis. Afterwards, a far larger randomized, placebo-controlled follow up study was done by the same researchers. They used 375 patients with peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. Again, they tested the effectiveness of 4 months of treatment with magnetic insoles. The results showed that the insoles produced benefits beyond that of the placebo effect and reduced the severity of such symptoms as burning pain, numbness, tingling and exercise-induced pain. Very strong magnets should not be used in sensitive areas. The brain, heart and eyes are areas that you should avoid applying strong magnets to. Ceramic magnets would be ideal for these areas. Use the correct poles for each kind of treatment. Magnets have north and south poles pretty much like the earth. ) Some painkilling techniques Foot pain and other aches caused by standing all day can be relieved by having magnetic insoles in your shoes. For arthritis with pains limited to the fingers, a neo magnet can be taped to the affected joint. Or, you can wear a magnetic wrist band. For back pains, have four magnets about one and a half inches on either side of the spine, two on each side. Although, magnet therapy is in itself a very safe and non-invasive form of treatment using the right kind of magnet will produce better results. The therapy uses magnetic fields from the magnets to relieve body pains, muscle spasms, stiffness and even inflammation. The therapy is quite effective and a lot of people, millions in fact, will attest to how the treatment helped them cope with their pain. Like acupuncture, magnet therapy has only been recently become an accepted form of natural healing in the U.S. European influence Until the 16th century, the healing powers of magnets were not officially recorded or advocated. It was first noted by the Swiss physician Paracelsus and at around the same time by Dr. 

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