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Magnetic therapy helps stroke patients regain speech Video Reuters

Some scientists and practitioners also believe that the body, after a time, will accommodate to the magnetic field, thereby reducing its efficiency. To prevent such incidences (irritation and accommodation), the practitioners recommend intermittent use of the magnets. (5 days on, 2 days off or 12 hours on and 12 hours off, etc. The simple rule is that the north-pointing pole gives energy, while the south-pointing pole takes in energy. These facts have to be put into the context of the various illnesses. An inflammation or a tight muscle or pain is considered a congestion of energy. The south pole point of the magnet can withdraw that energy out. Which is why there are some patients who have arthritis, experience frequent migraines, and similar cases are on the hunt of alternative treatment. Magnet therapy is one of alternative methods of treatment. To justify the claims, there are several studies conducted on determining if magnet therapy is indeed useful in pain relief. In such cases, the therapist applies both the north and south poles together (bipolar). This is mostly used to heal fractures and chronic pain. Usually, the type of ailment determines the type and strength of the biomagnets used in the treatment. Also considered are the following conditions: the length of time the patient had the illness, the severity, the area of the body and the patient s sensitivity. From testimonials of former patients, it even improves the quality of sleep. It also has one obvious benefit. Magnet therapy is effective minus the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Magnet strength To be therapeutically effective, a magnet therapy product must have a strong enough magnetic field to penetrate much deeper than the injured area. The north-seeking pole of magnets is placed on the afflicted areas. These are the specific points on the meridian channels of energy. The idea is to improve energy and blood flow. The main difference is that magnet therapy is non-invasive and dos not cause additional pain. Objective Magnet therapy s main objective is to enhance the body s own powers to heal. 

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