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Natural Remedies & Cleanses : Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

But some would suggest that you eat or drink hot foods and hot liquids before your treatment. The hot food and liquid will keep the body warm during the magnetic treatment. If you do need to take meals, do the therapy at least after two hours of eating a full meal. Very strong magnets should not be used in sensitive areas. This had led to the manufacture of magnetic pillows and pads designed for a sound sleep. Enhancing energy Magnet therapy is also known for increasing the well-being of patients by enhancing energy. During natural sleep, the body revitalizes itself. This natural process can be enhanced by magnets. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) Magnets are placed on the front and back of the wrist to help alleviate the pain of this hard-to-heal condition. This would allow the blood to circulate easier and allowing oxygen to be distributed in the injured area and cells. Medical magnets are easy to use and applied. You just have to make sure that it ll come in contact with the injured part of the body. You just have to put a tape or bandage the magnet to the injured area. A similar study conducted in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, showed that about 76% of patients with Post Polio Syndrome and Fibromyalgia who used magnets for pain relief, were experiencing less or no pain at all. This is compared to the 18% of those provided with fake magnets or placebo. Near the end of the process, use the north-pointing pole. Use the north-pointing end of the magnet applied above the fractures of broken bones towards the torso. A south-pointing pole may be applied opposite the north pole and below the fracture. Headaches and stomach pains For headaches, use the south-pointing pole on the center of the pain. (Although pain can be controlled with aspirin and other painkillers, magnets do not have the side effects of these drugs.) Some painkilling techniques Foot pain and other aches caused by standing all day can be relieved by having magnetic insoles in your shoes. For arthritis with pains limited to the fingers, a neo magnet can be taped to the affected joint. 

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