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Magnetic therapy for arthritis pain relief

It is associated with healing such afflictions as tingling, numbness, weak muscles, paralysis and scars. Conditions Some bodies seemed to lack positive and negative energies to heal. In such cases, the therapist applies both the north and south poles together (bipolar). This is mostly used to heal fractures and chronic pain. In fact, there is a middle-aged patient who reported an improvement in her disposition, something she has not experienced for the last three years. Stress is not the only thing that magnet therapy can manage or address. There are several anecdotal reports sharing that Tibetan monks use magnets to relieve depression. Those horse-shoe magnets that we often see in comics and cartoons are useless for magnet therapies. The most common magnets for therapeutic use are the flat ceramic magnets or at best the neodymium magnets. Neodymiums are stronger magnets than the ceramic types and are probably the best ones for therapeutic use. one of the alternative programs for losing pounds is the magnetic therapy for weight loss or sometimes called magnetic weight loss. Magnets have been used, every since the civilization of China, India, Egypt and Greece, to heal different kinds of diseases. In the 1800s, magnetic treatment made a comeback. There are different anecdotal claims that magnet therapy could reduce chronic pains. There are several studies conducted to figure out the effects or benefits of magnetic therapy. Magnet therapy can help those who are suffering from arthritis. Through the use of magnets, the pain can be treated by increasing the circulation of the blood. Strong magnets For sufferers of brain tumors, it is beneficial to sleep with the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet close to the top of the head, especially when they are elderly or with deteriorating brain functions. (One should sleep with the head toward the magnetic north in a bed that is not made of anything that can be magnetized. 

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