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Magnet Therapy By Dr. Jayshree Yeshwante HELP Talks Video

Among the well known methods include the use of magnetic mattresses, magnetic insoles and the more popular magnetic jewelry which uses bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings as holders for the magnets. However, some would argue that magnetic jewelries do not induce much healing because of the small magnets used and the limited positions they are placed on the body. Diet books, exercise videos, weight loss camps for children, adult facilities, weight loss surgeries, nutritionist diet plans, hospital-clinic diet plants, diet pills, health clubs are low-calorie dinners are among weight-reduction products and items that American spend their money on. However, people are also becoming more conscious with their health that more people are trying to look for drug-free or alternative methods to address health issues. We may have read about it or seen the numerous advertisements for magnetic products. There are different anecdotal claims that magnet therapy could reduce chronic pains. There are several studies conducted to figure out the effects or benefits of magnetic therapy. Magnet therapy can help those who are suffering from arthritis. To support these reports, there are studies conducted at the Menninger Clinic. What makes magnet therapy an ideal cure, according to proponents and those who use it, is that it is natural. It does not compromise the body in the long run. However, magnetic products encourage those who would use it for the first time to consult their physician first. It had also been observed that injuries register a south-positive energy at the time of the injury itself. In the healing process, the injured site registers a north-negative energy. It is here that the north-negative magnetic field was discovered to possess healing qualities. Some precautions Because the body s own electromagnetic fields are affected by the weakest of magnets, several precautions are given in the use of magnets. When magnetic therapy is applied on the injured area, both the capillary walls surrounding the muscles and the connective tissues relax. This action increases the flow of blood. More oxygen and nutrients are then carried over to the affected area that results in the restoration of the normal ion concentration. 

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