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Healing by Magnet Therapy Part 1.wmv

Short history There may have been a revival of sorts regarding the role of magnets in a person s health and well-being, but this association goes a long way into the past. For over 2,000 years, magnet therapy in China had occupied a central role in Chinese medicine. It had also been mentioned in the earliest writings in Egypt, India and Greece. There are health care practitioners who would recommend this kind of treatment for their patients But what happens in a magnetic therapy? Small static magnets are placed in different points or locations of the body. The magnetic field generating from the magnetic could help in healing or speeding up the process. Its application to practical medicine still receives frowns and smirks from some members of the medical community. But today more and more studies are pointing to the positive effects of magnotherapy in alleviating pain and treating different medical conditions. As more details are obtained from researches, people will get a more thorough understanding of the possible effects of magnets on the human body. Magnet Therapy And Relief Management Today, in the presence of so many medical innovations, there are still old practices that may not be deemed effective by the medical community but are still favored by those who practice them. One is magnet therapy. It has a long history dating to as far back as 600 BC. The improved blood flow and the fluid exchange in the injured tissue help reduce discomfort and inflammation. This field is also thought to stimulate the nervous system. Reducing stress A magnetic field applied to the head calms and induces a hypnotic sleeping effect on the brain. The key is the stimulation of the hormone melatonin. For back pains, have four magnets about one and a half inches on either side of the spine, two on each side. If the magnets are cumbersome to put on and remove, have a three to four-inch ceramic strip magnet or magnetic back brace on your back instead. Headaches can be solved with tape magnets to your temples or to the back of your head (just above the neck). 

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