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magnet therapy

(One should sleep with the head toward the magnetic north in a bed that is not made of anything that can be magnetized.) If you feel pain or there are signs of inflammation in an organ, use the south-pointing pole. If there is an obvious weakness, use the north-pointing pole. Experiment what is the most beneficial pole by using it for sometime and then comparing the results. Although, there are medical professionals and institutions who are still sceptical of the effects and benefits of magnets on arthritis, the number of people who are interested in trying out the alternative method are increasing. There are different forms of magnetic healing products to suit the different parts of the body which suffer from arthritis. With more formal studies finding positive results for magnetic therapy, it would be just a matter of time before the scientific community accepts formally magnetic therapy as a legitimate form of treatment. But for now, the therapeutic use of magnets remains under the alternative and complementary category. While the magnet is in place, gently pull the shortened leg at the ankle until both ankles are of the same length. (The same can be done on the right leg if there is an imbalance.) Tumors On tumors, use a strong south-pointing pole over the diseased area for about two hours everyday, two to three times daily. There are many theories regarding the sizes and types of magnets, how to use them, and where to apply them depending on the conditions and factors of being treated. Unipolar magnets Unipolar magnets have been known to have greater depth of magnetic penetration. Because of this, users feel they are more effective in treating deeper tissues. However, there are theories that magnets (they call them biomagnets ) do not necessarily heal but it can stimulate the body to heal naturally. There are other claims of what biomagnets can do from proponents of magnet therapy. These include restoration of cellular magnetic balance, and the so-called acceleration of the migration of calcium ions of ions to help heal bones and nerve tissues. 

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