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Magnet Therapy (Hindi)

Also considered are the following conditions: the length of time the patient had the illness, the severity, the area of the body and the patient s sensitivity. Sensitivity to magnet therapy sometimes causes light-headedness, sleepiness, headaches and itching. Sometimes, the conditions get worse as toxins are released. With the improved blood flow and the fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation. Magnetic therapy today In Japan and other Asian countries, therapeutic magnets are licensed as medical devices. There is growing popularity in the use of magnet therapy in such countries as Australia, Russia, Germany and many other European countries. (The same can be done on the right leg if there is an imbalance.) Tumors On tumors, use a strong south-pointing pole over the diseased area for about two hours everyday, two to three times daily. Hold the magnet under running water for some time right after each use. If there is pain, have the magnet stay in place as long as it is required, sometimes for days on end. The magnets also seem to block or the very least interfere the flow of sodium and calcium inside the body s cells. These two elements are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. By blocking their movements, the magnets are stopping the cells to tell your brain that you are in pain. Usually, the magnets used in magnotherapy are thin metal magnets strategically placed on the body. This can cause the person to experience, arthritis pain, general pain, fatigue, insomnia and stress. It could also be the cause for fat accumulation and weight gain. The use of magnets in specific areas of the body could release these positive charges and return the body to its alkaline stage. The blood would have better circulation, which would allow more oxygenated cells to flow in the body. Lengths of use The magnets need not be handled directly or touch the skin. It can be inside a bag, inside some wraps with the right poles facing the body. Strong magnets (those that can lift a kilo or more) may be used for one hour daily. Small or weak magnets may be left in place all day. Serious infections For serious infections, strong pain or cancerous tumors, even powerful magnets can remain in the body as long as they seem to be beneficial. 

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