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Husband Gets Magnet Treatment Vlog

Taking constant medications may not only hurt your budget, it could also cause side effects. Which is why there are some patients who have arthritis, experience frequent migraines, and similar cases are on the hunt of alternative treatment. Magnet therapy is one of alternative methods of treatment. To justify the claims, there are several studies conducted on determining if magnet therapy is indeed useful in pain relief. The magnets can stop the pain signals from reaching your nervous system, they can help increase or normalize the blood flow allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed the cells resulting to faster healing and reinstates the overall balance of the body s cells. However, positioning the magnet is very important in this kind of therapy to achieve notable results. Aside from easing muscular and joint pains, it could also help in reducing or even effectively removing and healing recurring headaches. 4. Since it could help in improving blood circulation, more oxygen is distributed in the cells. The cells would release more toxins. 5. In addition to toxins that the body would shed because of magnetic therapy, you could also shed some pounds while on therapy. Being overweight and obese could cause serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. People are starting to become more aware of this. In fact, America has spent $46.3 billion in 2004 for weight loss products. Diet books, exercise videos, weight loss camps for children, adult facilities, weight loss surgeries, nutritionist diet plans, hospital-clinic diet plants, diet pills, health clubs are low-calorie dinners are among weight-reduction products and items that American spend their money on. Aside from using a tape or bandage to keep the magnet in place, there are also magnetic products which can be used daily, like shoe insoles, head inserts, mattress, and magnetic jewelries like bracelet, necklaces, rings, and earrings. There are also therapists who would use hand-held magnets and move them around the body or specific areas that need treatment. The overall strength (and effectiveness) of a magnet is determined by its gauss rating, its thickness, diameter and spacing. Past and present therapy Various old cultures have been known to have used magnets for pain relief and other symptoms. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Chinese have been known to have used magnets for treatments of various illnesses. 

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