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Magnet And Electro Magnet Therapy By Dr. H.N.Mistry

At the end of the 20th century, smaller and stronger magnetic materials became available. This led to the development of modern-day magnetic therapy products. How it works First, the body produces small electromagnetic fields by the movement of charged particles called ions. Resulting from the movement of these ions, our physical and mental processes are controlled, and the electromagnetic balance of our bodies is maintained. They could increase the blood circulation and therefore the flow of oxygen throughout the body. More oxygen can result into burning more calories. The use of magnets is said can help in managing the body s metabolism. Magnetic therapy for weight loss proponents state that the north pole of a magnet stimulates metabolism. The magnets are also known to help prevent muscle stiffness and muscle spasms. And finally, the magnetic field can go to the cellular level and helps prevent pain from ending up to the brain. Magnetic therapy is therefore a little bit like pain killers but without the side effects. The therapy is ideally performed in the mornings. Today, the use of magnets to treat illnesses has been discouraged pending further testing of the efficacy of magnets. Medical authorities have been reluctant to issue their approval on the use of magnets simply because they have not been formally tested. Types If you really decide to use magnet therapy, you have to choose first the many different types of magnets and magnetic devices available today. Aside from easing muscular and joint pains, it could also help in reducing or even effectively removing and healing recurring headaches. 4. Since it could help in improving blood circulation, more oxygen is distributed in the cells. The cells would release more toxins. 5. In addition to toxins that the body would shed because of magnetic therapy, you could also shed some pounds while on therapy. Serious infections For serious infections, strong pain or cancerous tumors, even powerful magnets can remain in the body as long as they seem to be beneficial. If the magnet is used for long, and there is a feeling of being drained or plain discomfort, remove the magnet right away. (You can possibly apply the opposite pole for sometime. 

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