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Tesla Physiotherapy Magneto therapy unit for Pain Relief

(Although pain can be controlled with aspirin and other painkillers, magnets do not have the side effects of these drugs.) Some painkilling techniques Foot pain and other aches caused by standing all day can be relieved by having magnetic insoles in your shoes. For arthritis with pains limited to the fingers, a neo magnet can be taped to the affected joint. Gall bladder In gall bladder problems, the left leg is usually pulled into the hip socket by tight muscles. The south-pointing pole applied to the hip can correct it. While the magnet is in place, gently pull the shortened leg at the ankle until both ankles are of the same length. (The same can be done on the right leg if there is an imbalance. Circulation One way is the placement of magnetic strips along the forearm and sleeping on a magnetic pad at night. Fibromyalgia One needs to sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and use a magnetic pillow. Magnets can also be placed over painful areas of the body during the day. Leg problems Magnetic insoles help increase the circulation and improve the conditions of numbness, burning, aches, and leg cramps. Prohibitions Biomagnets are prohibited for use on pregnant women, patients with epileptic histories, taking some blood-thinning medications or if there is some internal bleeding. They are not to be used on patients with a pacemaker or some other metal implants. Care should also be taken in the use of magnets on infants and children as well as the use on the eyes, brain or over the heart for all ages. Magnet Therapy For Battling Stress We may be familiar with the use magnet therapy for relieving pain, especially by those who suffer from osteoarthritis. Surprisingly, magnet therapy could also be used to relieve or reduce stress. In a fast paced life, which is very common nowadays, stress is inevitable. Power After thousands of years, magnets have been found to have the power to influence or cause movement (attracting and repelling) in other objects. By placing magnets at strategic points, the magnetic force causes the molecules to align according to the magnetic field of the magnets. Order This is the alignment used to help the body recover quicker and be on its own. 

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