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Magnet Therapy By Dr. R C Shah

In those times, however, the right sizes and weights of magnets that can produce noticeable effects are rare. At the end of the 20th century, smaller and stronger magnetic materials became available. This led to the development of modern-day magnetic therapy products. How it works First, the body produces small electromagnetic fields by the movement of charged particles called ions. Headaches and stomach pains For headaches, use the south-pointing pole on the center of the pain. However, for clearing up the head, attach the south-pointing pole to the forehead and the north-pointing pole to the base of the skull. (This can improve psychic awareness, too.) Apply the north-pointing pole over the pit of the stomach to strengthen digestion. For medicinal purposes, magnets with about 400 to 10,000 gauss can be used. An ordinary refrigerator magnet would have about 10 gauss, so you would no be able to use that since it lacks power. Just attach the magnet on the area where the pain is felt. When desired results are not met, then adjust the position of the magnet. For over 2,000 years, magnet therapy in China had occupied a central role in Chinese medicine. It had also been mentioned in the earliest writings in Egypt, India and Greece. How it works For the layman, magnet therapy works on the natural energy of magnetism and its relations to a person s overall health. Currently, there are different magnetic products intended to heal headaches, arthritis, joint and muscles pains and even lessen stress and depression. So, it is no surprise that magnets could also be used as an aid for losing weight. Magnets are used to restore the body s balance. They could increase the blood circulation and therefore the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Ideally a magnet used in therapy produces a field in the range of 200 to 2,000 gauss. Be aware, however, that magnets can sometimes have varying gauss measurements. The magnet surface strength might be different from its core so read the labels of your magnet carefully. Also, selecting a large and thick magnet with a stronger magnetic field can help reach specific areas better allowing treatment to work faster and more effectively. 

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