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Alternative Medicine & Fasts : History of Magnet Therapy

Aside from easing muscular and joint pains, it could also help in reducing or even effectively removing and healing recurring headaches. 4. Since it could help in improving blood circulation, more oxygen is distributed in the cells. The cells would release more toxins. 5. In addition to toxins that the body would shed because of magnetic therapy, you could also shed some pounds while on therapy. Magnet polarity One of the most obvious characteristics of a magnet is its polarity, the south (positive) and the north (negative) poles. The Chinese also associate the poles with their traditional yin and yang, where the north pole is the yin and the south pole is the yang. Accordingly, the north pole (negative yin) is traditionally attributed as cooling and sedating and is associated to heal low back pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, and sharp pains. There are about 5 million Americans who would suffer from chronic pain, lack of sleep, and fatigue because of fibromyalgia (FM). Taking constant medications may not only hurt your budget, it could also cause side effects. Which is why there are some patients who have arthritis, experience frequent migraines, and similar cases are on the hunt of alternative treatment. It was 1800s when magnet therapy and treatment made a comeback as alternative medicine. The use of magnet therapy continues to be subject of medical research for the last 15 years. In fact, there are about 57 studies/researches in the United States focusing on magnetic treatment. An example would be the study conducted in University of Exeter and Plymouth in 2004 about the use of magnetic bracelets in easing pains of those suffering from osteoarthritis. Magnet Therapy And Ailments By now, the magnets in magnet therapy had been recognized by many (excluding the formal medical community) to have the healing powers to relieve physical pain and alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments. To date, these ailments include arthritis, Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pains, sciatica and general muscle aches and pains. However, this weakness may be caused by a chronic infection or inflammation. It can still improve with the south-pointing pole. In general, south-pointing pole is less harmful if applied incorrectly. Some people do not feel the magnet energy, while others are hypersensitive. Use only a weak magnet in this case for a short exposure. 

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