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sujok magnet therapy

Theories Magnet therapy is almost similar to the theory of acupuncture. The north-seeking pole of magnets is placed on the afflicted areas. These are the specific points on the meridian channels of energy. The idea is to improve energy and blood flow. The main difference is that magnet therapy is non-invasive and dos not cause additional pain. The results showed statistically significant improvements in the treatment group, especially in bladder control, hand function, and muscle spasticity. Low back and knee pain Another trial (double-blind, placebo controlled) of 54 people with knee or back pain compared a complex static magnet array against a sham magnet array. This could result into better sleep, clearer mental focus and activity, reduce inflammation and lessen or totally remove pain. According to Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is one of the major health problems and leading causes of disability for Americans who are aged fifteen and above. More women suffer from this compared to men. The use of magnets is said can help in managing the body s metabolism. Magnetic therapy for weight loss proponents state that the north pole of a magnet stimulates metabolism. While the south pole, slows down the metabolism process. Therefore, to increase your body s metabolism you would have to place the north pole of the magnet on the base of your throat, the thyroid. Nonetheless, based on the increasing number of people who use magnets as complementary treatment it would be best for them to know at least the basic Dos and Donts of magnetic therapy. As you probably already know, magnetic therapy uses the magnetic fields to help relieve pain and induce healing. The magnetic field has varying effects. Magnet Therapy And Ailments By now, the magnets in magnet therapy had been recognized by many (excluding the formal medical community) to have the healing powers to relieve physical pain and alleviate the symptoms of many common ailments. To date, these ailments include arthritis, Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pains, sciatica and general muscle aches and pains. 

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