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Magnet Therapy

) Some painkilling techniques Foot pain and other aches caused by standing all day can be relieved by having magnetic insoles in your shoes. For arthritis with pains limited to the fingers, a neo magnet can be taped to the affected joint. Or, you can wear a magnetic wrist band. For back pains, have four magnets about one and a half inches on either side of the spine, two on each side. ) Magnet therapy experts begin their therapy at low gauss and increase the strength gradually. Last words There had been claims from patients on some significant improvements in their conditions (pains and other ailments) with the application of magnet therapy. However, there is still a lack of scientific data to validate the effectiveness of magnets. Order This is the alignment used to help the body recover quicker and be on its own. It is also used to relieve physical pain caused by numerous ailments. Several conditions that were corrected by magnet therapy include bacterial and fungal infections, pain relief, stress, and certain nervous system disorders. Serious infections For serious infections, strong pain or cancerous tumors, even powerful magnets can remain in the body as long as they seem to be beneficial. If the magnet is used for long, and there is a feeling of being drained or plain discomfort, remove the magnet right away. (You can possibly apply the opposite pole for sometime. There are some magnetic products that would often warn their customers of their use and ask them to consult their doctors, especially those with pacemakers, working with high-voltage equipment and allergic to metals. If there are people who intently believed and experienced magnetic treatment, then there would also be people who remains to be skeptical of the treatment. Magnetic therapy for weight loss proponents state that the north pole of a magnet stimulates metabolism. While the south pole, slows down the metabolism process. Therefore, to increase your body s metabolism you would have to place the north pole of the magnet on the base of your throat, the thyroid. 

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