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What is MAGNET THERAPY? What does MAGNET THERAPY mean? MAGNET THERAPY meaning & explanation

People also chose magnetic therapy as an alternative form of treatment for arthritis and sports injuries. From testimonials of former patients, it even improves the quality of sleep. It also has one obvious benefit. Magnet therapy is effective minus the side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs. For low back pains, the unipolar type is said to be more appropriate because low back pains come from the deep tissues at the back. Bipolar magnets On the other hand, the bipolar magnets are considered more effective in stimulating surface tissues. The two-pole configuration is deemed better to treat injuries like wrist sprains. The magnets can stop the pain signals from reaching your nervous system, they can help increase or normalize the blood flow allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed the cells resulting to faster healing and reinstates the overall balance of the body s cells. However, positioning the magnet is very important in this kind of therapy to achieve notable results. Most of the people today who seek medical attention shy away from invasive procedures like operations. This is why alternative treatments like the use of magnets are becoming more and more popular. Basically what the magnet does is realign or correct the electromagnetic impulses of the body which had been put into disarray the moment the body gets sick. However, for clearing up the head, attach the south-pointing pole to the forehead and the north-pointing pole to the base of the skull. (This can improve psychic awareness, too.) Apply the north-pointing pole over the pit of the stomach to strengthen digestion. For pain, use the south-pointing pole. Weak hearts and blood pressures Carry a small magnet on the left pocket with the north-pointing pole near the breastbone. Prohibitions Biomagnets are prohibited for use on pregnant women, patients with epileptic histories, taking some blood-thinning medications or if there is some internal bleeding. They are not to be used on patients with a pacemaker or some other metal implants. Care should also be taken in the use of magnets on infants and children as well as the use on the eyes, brain or over the heart for all ages. 

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