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Heartburn Cured By Magnet Therapy, They Also Stop Hunger

With the spiraling cost of traditional health care and the continual aging of the general population, magnetic therapy had been included by many as among the options in relation to health. For reasons of effectiveness and economy as well as simplicity, magnet therapy might be well on its way of becoming an important part of alternative therapy in the future. After six months, the study showed that there are positive results from patients who have exposed themselves to magnetic field. Improvement was measured based on the frequency and intensity of the pain and the number of tender points in the body. A similar study conducted in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, showed that about 76% of patients with Post Polio Syndrome and Fibromyalgia who used magnets for pain relief, were experiencing less or no pain at all. As such, it is necessary to know the attributes of a magnet before proceeding to use it. One important characteristic of a magnet is the existence of two opposing poles. It is logical to think, then, that it is very essential to identify the poles correctly. Suspending the magnet on a thread and waiting for its ends to point somewhere is the easiest way to identify the poles. Adhesive bandages can fix the magnets in place. If they do not work the first few days, reposition the magnet over the nearest acupuncture point. (See the Internet or acupuncture books where they are.) If repositioning the magnet fails to bring relief within a month, odds are they are not going to work. There was a reduction in the symptoms of burning, numbness, and tingling. Especially marked were those cases of neuropathy associated with diabetes. Afterwards, a far larger randomized, placebo-controlled follow up study was done by the same researchers. They used 375 patients with peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. It can relax the capillary walls increasing the blood flow to a certain area. This means more oxygen and nutrients are flowing into an area of pain which helps in the healing process. The magnets are also known to help prevent muscle stiffness and muscle spasms. And finally, the magnetic field can go to the cellular level and helps prevent pain from ending up to the brain. 

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