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DIY simplest cheap magnet therapy (PEMF) device

Magnet Therapy: Could It Ease Your Arthritis? We may have read about it or seen the numerous advertisements for magnetic products. There are different anecdotal claims that magnet therapy could reduce chronic pains. There are several studies conducted to figure out the effects or benefits of magnetic therapy. Some scientists and practitioners also believe that the body, after a time, will accommodate to the magnetic field, thereby reducing its efficiency. To prevent such incidences (irritation and accommodation), the practitioners recommend intermittent use of the magnets. (5 days on, 2 days off or 12 hours on and 12 hours off, etc. By blocking their movements, the magnets are stopping the cells to tell your brain that you are in pain. Usually, the magnets used in magnotherapy are thin metal magnets strategically placed on the body. They are placed often times in groups and with fixed spacing. The size of the magnet is essential because you want something that is not that noticeable and can be worn comfortably on a daily basis. Another important aspect of using magnets in therapies is the difference between unipolar and bipolar magnets. There are contrasting views on which kind is better to use. Some say unipolars are the ideal kinds of magnets to use in therapies. However, since only one area is being used to penetrate the body you probably will need a very strong magnet to achieve significant results. The Chinese also associate the poles with their traditional yin and yang, where the north pole is the yin and the south pole is the yang. Accordingly, the north pole (negative yin) is traditionally attributed as cooling and sedating and is associated to heal low back pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, and sharp pains. The intention is to regularize or return the body to its balanced condition. Aside from using a tape or bandage to keep the magnet in place, there are also magnetic products which can be used daily, like shoe insoles, head inserts, mattress, and magnetic jewelries like bracelet, necklaces, rings, and earrings. 

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