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Couple Builds Energy Efficient Passive Solar Home - Green Building

Even millionaires go for saving as much money as they can to maintain their lavish lifestyle. So, do not waste your money on useless deeds and try to save it for having an easy and comfortable lifestyle. Generally, people think that it is hard to control electric bills and they have to pay for them at any cost. In contrast, earlier lives were somewhat difficult because of the manual appliances and analogue equipments to be utilized. If take a quick look inside many households, you will several incredible equipments which will come to life with just a single flick of button. Automatic appliances also bring a lot ease in human life. Ensuring that our house is completely sealed maximizes the use, time and energy saving of our heating devices as it helps in maintaining the temperature. The same is true in case of air conditioning systems. To seal our house perfectly, we need to pay special attention to joints, windows etc. Plastics are the best material to insulate, but on moveable objects we might want to use weather strippers which seal a moveable object from its non-moveable object like doors, windows and garage doors. Use of energy efficient materials and appliances around your home is another way to save your money at energy bills. These commercially available items would considerably add to the reduction home energy bills. One of these items is power efficient windows, which deflect the outside temperature from inflowing into your house. Keep both the things off when you are not at home. You can reduce a great deal of your home energy expenditure just by turning such appliances off when you really do not need them. Now, come to the kitchen, where appliances count for 26.7% of total home energy expenses. Obviously, you may not turn off your refrigerator when you are out of the house, could you? Use and Saving of Home Energy Do you know where does your energy consumption go? Have you ever thought of saving energy and lowering of your electric bills? If not then do think about it and try to find out the solutions to these issues. The major portion of your electricity is utilized by space heating, which is exactly about 47%. 

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