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Diagnosing Asthma: Mild, Moderate, and Severe

A worsening wheeziness, difficulty breathing in and out, pain in your chest or back, Incessant coughing fit, difficulty talking because of lack of breath, blue lips or fingernails, looking pale and sweaty, and you have taken your emergency medication and it does not alleviate the symptoms. Then you know it is time to get emergency help, you may only have some of the symptoms listed but you should still get medical help. Also, keep it off upholstered furniture, carpet, or other soft surfaces where allergens accumulate. Finally, always think of yourself first. Even though that doggy-in-the-window looks irresistible, its waggly-tail and other emissions can elicit harmful emissions that can lead to a very uncomfortable existence for the asthma sufferer. While it may takes some experimentation to find the correct amount, it is better than your body rejecting too much of the medication with possibly bad side effects. Over time it is more than likely your needs will change. THE TWO MEDICINES: There are two medications for most people grappling with asthma. There are many things you can do to make breathing at home easier, and making living with asthma just like living without asthma. The Internet is a great place to look to find information, and to learn what you can do to help yourself breathe a little easier even in the face of asthma. Learn how to cut down on pet dander, reduce dust mites, and eradicate cigarette smoke from the home. Some asthma sufferers may even avoid the outdoors on high pollen days, and help themselves by avoiding asthma attacks. Living with asthma means living with fresher, cleaner air so that you can breathe easy. Having fresh air isn t so bad, is it? For more information on what you can do to make living with asthma and avoiding asthma attacks much easier, check the Internet and various online communities. Can you Exercise When You have Asthma Some might say that if you are stricken with a debilitating breathing disease like asthma that you should not exercise. You are not able to exercise! How can anyone who can t breathe be expected to put forth the least physical exertion. If you said this, then you would be wrong. 

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