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5-Minute Cardio Workout

Cardio exercise equipments are mostly stationary equipments. For example, if you are on your stationary bike, then you will be pumping those pedals for the next half hour. Boredom is one reason why people stop working out. You could have a television in your home gym, so you could still catch up with favourite shows while sweating it out. If you are a beginner, it is advised to use the dependent stepper type as it is easier to use than the independent stepper type. The intensity of workout can be adjusted manually or through computer controls. 3. Rowing machines help strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders, and back with very low impact. Don t just check one website and stick with it. Online shops are becoming so competitive, prices tend to be lower that actual fitness stores. If you have decided to purchase from an online store, then you would need to consider about the shipping cost, warranties and of course, service agreements. Check the warranty and return policy. The usual misconception is that the tool is primarily designed to facilitate an upper-body workout. In reality, rowing machines are actually advanced cardiovascular exercise machines. You would be required to use more muscle groups. Hence, you could burn more calories. The common setback is that extra weight brings about back pain. Stationary step machines or stair climbers would allow you to check how much calories you have burned when exercising. Some people find this equipment to be the most difficult of all the cardio exercise equipment. They provide great workout for the lower body as long as you use it properly. It could cause problems on knees and feet if the weight and force are not used properly. If you have joint problems in your lower extremity then the treadmill might not work to your advantage. You have an office work and you remain idle on your seat for the whole day then the stationary bike won t be compatible with your needs. Another thing to look at when you deal with machines is the actual time that you spend on it. 

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